The Writing is on the Wall

America is a continent, we are told. But seen from Europe the US is an island. An island where the coastal cities have been exposed to  ideas and impressions from other countries, leaving the states inland behind. And creating a political and economic divide that now threatens to break the nation apart. Most pundits missed the abyss of distrust and even hate between layers of society, defined by education, culture, race and not least economy.

An un-educated, forgotten and desperate underclass has emerged.

Photo from Blue State Daily

The human cost is staggering, and it is a debt to the american voters that came from decades of an uncaring Washington elite. Imagine states in the Rust Belt where

17-20 % of people are hungry, and 25 % of population suffers sustained "food-insecurity" depending on the very SNAP and Food Stamp programs that president Trump plans to roll back, along with health insurance and Medicaid. And all this after very falsely promised  that they would not be touched.

What happens the day they realise that the promises were worthless? This is not about politics and debates and fake news. This is life and death.

Question 1:

What can Trump's underlying agenda be?

The Players

To the casual visiting Martian, Trump is democratically elected as president of USA and effectively to be leader of  the "free world". Defender of the western democratic values.

After election he has shown a preference for big-money, notoriously non-politcal figures, like mr Rex Tillersen, ex CEO of Exxon Oil as well as a collecion of science-sceptics or downrights science-deniers like the man heading the EPS's Scott Pruitt

An unlikely choice for a flat-out denier of human caused global warming to lead the very agency set to enforce the laws passed by Congress to protect the environment.

In fact most of the leaders of various departments in Washington are not driven by any deeper science or insights. But by politics.

Stacks emitting smoke from burning discarded automobile batteries, photo taken in Houston in 1972 by Marc St. Gil (cs), official photographer of recently founded EPA.

To the right are the same smokestacks in 1975 after the plant was closed in a push for greater environmental protection.

Too many of his advisors , as well as "Miss Universe's" Donald Trump have had very close ties to foreign powers historically hostile to whatever the West represents, and  the US in particular. They are from coutries and political environments diametrically opposed to  us politically.

The Ties

But then again: they all share business ties. Tillerson's Exxon has invested heavily in the russian enery sector, Gazprom and natural gas developer Rosneft among  them. Rosneft is sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department. So is its CEO, Igor Sechin, “Russia’s Darth Vader.” One of the most feared men in Russia, Sechin is close to Vladimir Putin and is one of Putin’s key instruments of geopolitical power, with positions in numerous european and US companies.They include Pirelli and norwegian John Fredriken's Seadrill company exploring in the Barents and Siberia. See more here>>>

We are all aware of the roles and connections of the Russian and Ukrainian "oligarks": Men-in-Black, connected intimately to  the power structures in the Kremlin and to booted out president Viktor Yanukovych.

These are people with no loyalities to  anyone but each other, and ruled by the same set of rules, whether in Siberia, Alaska, Moscow or Washington dc.

The silly idea of needing popularity. Or even respect.

One of the Wests most silly weaknesses stems from the very idea of deserving the popular vote: You HAVE to be "liked".

Totalitarian or authoritarian regimes (and no mistake: Russia sticks out like a  sore thumb as a leader of dictatorships) have no need to be burdened by such demands.

And now it is glaring in anyones face: Trump and the administration has NO  ambition to deserve any "likes" or sympathy after the inauguration. For the first time, the US is not Ronald Reagan's "..Shining city upon the Hill"


Donald Trump and his family and cohorts in the White House acts in ways hardly ever seen in the West, arrogantly and glaringly breaking every standard of civilised behaviour. Hardly surprising after declaring was on "political Correctness" in the 2016 campaign. Especially has this behaviour stuck the Europeans when seeing the US president shoving the Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro, the soon to be NATO member, in order to  get closer to NATO head Jens Stoltenberg.

In short: Trump and his fellows dont look for respect, and could not care less what we think of them, but once having us and the deplored Media running in circles  arguing over The Donalds silliness on Twitter or the size of his hands (of all things)they connect  the same type of mafia business network across  the US and Russia. Just as in Russia, the Media is seen as the Enemy. And  the core GOP faithfuls will have to  swallow a mouthful of lies to  stay on course in the Mid-term elections next year.

It remains to be seen if they  will, when the full force of the Trumpist applied politics really hits them.

Its hard to  argue with  an empty stomach.

During the 2016 campaign Trump called upon the "2.nd Amendment people to do  something about it" (the "It" referred to was former secretary of state Hillary Clinton)

Considering the number of firearms in the US, that is a statement likely to return to  its origin.

The simple "Modus Operandi" played

out by the Administration

Trumps Steve Bannon has skilfully and with covert support by a Kremlin that over decades have studied the US electorate and the electoral processes managed to  mobilize a truly "forgotten" portion of the voters. Both as a candidate and a president Donald Trump has used the old Kremlin and KGB survival kit of "deflecting, lying and confusing".

The russians are NOT westerners. They operate with a different set of ethics and are utterly unprepared for any form of democracy. But they are masters of finding the weak spots of the democratic West and use this leverage by lies, pressure, extortions, sheer terror, silencing and murdering anyone in their way.

It is inevitable that there is leverage used,  or threatened to be used against all that are useful to these Men in Black. The russian art of "Kompromat" is well established and recognised by all but the willfully blind.

Analysts assume very resonably that Trumps witheld tax returns may give answers to  financial ties and leverage used to force "the Donald" to bend to their demands.

If this is confirmed also by former James Comey director of FBI we will know that  we have a president and administration under Russian rule. Few people are respected and experienced as mr Comey, and he is set to testify to Congree about Trump on June 8th 2017 at 10.00 am EST.

It will be worth watching.

Question 2:

A plan to merge big money across the US and Russia: "Siberialaska"?


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