Ukraina must rid herself of russian terror

These four photos represent two worlds. Three are from celebrations in  the Mariinsky Park in Kiew during the last days. The easing of tensions is palpable.

Palpable is also the repression descended on the people of Crimea after russian invasion and annexation. On one hand a free people, normal families. On  the other hand the hated OMON, russian special forces preparing what russian troops always do best: terrorise and oppress people. They have long experience, with the traditions of the NKVD and KGB, Beria: maybe the single most hated man in history and the man behind the decades of Stalinist type terror, via Katyn massacres to invasions.

One can but pity the fate of the Crimeans. And in particular the Krim-Tatars, oppressed and deported by Stalin and since then treated as a political commodity by Soviet Union and now by Putin and his visions of NeoRussia.

On may 16th Putin told the Mejlis (the traditional Tatar council) in no uncertain terms that the Tatars "now have to  accept life in Russia".

The Krim Tatars are unqualified losers. They are the real Crimeans, with long roots back to Turkey and islam. There is nothing even remotely russian about them.

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Media Wars

Journalism under fire

Pro-russian fighting a Ukrainian over the Ukrainian flag. In Ukraina. (source: BBC)

There is something deeply distrurbing over this image. A Ukrainian man holds on to his Ukrainian flag, stopping a pro-russian man from taking it. And this happens in Odessa on the 3rd april in broad daylight.

The russian president claims that pro-russians are being harrassed throughout Ukraina, and that thousands are calling for russias assistance.

Are pigs really not flying?